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PPE U.S. Manufacturers Being ‘Dumped’ on by ‘Subsidized in China’ $0.01 Masks

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

When our American manufacturers were called upon by our government and health care facilities to pivot their manufacturing and ramp up production of PPE during the pandemic, they showed up pouring millions of dollars of capital into retooling their facilities. Fast forward months later, and these same manufacturers are struggling to survive over an influx of China below-cost masks. These imports are flooding the American markets, and our purchasers and consumers are scooping up these products that are not tested, and unsafe.

PPE U.S. Manufacturers Being ‘Dumped’ on by ‘Subsidized in China’ $0.01 Masks

We hear from Robert Sires, a manufacturer of personal protection equipment, who has an insider’s view of the mask industry. It’s an eye-opening conversation that we plan to investigate more. We want to understand how it’s possible to still have products “dumped” into the country with reverberations of closing American manufacturing shops.

Mr. Sires explains that it isn’t possible to compete with ‘Subsidized in China’ but we’ll win on an even playing field. It’s a compelling story.

Made in America COO, Brad Winnings shared, “We are turning our backs on our American manufacturers in their time of need. This mask dumping has already driven US companies out of business, and in recent weeks others have scaled back production or stopped producing altogether which has resulted in massive layoffs. China has taken over our PPE supply chain, and these businesses cannot afford to wait another day for action. Everyone of us should be applying pressure to our government today, to step up and take care of our domestic suppliers that have taken care of us..”

Upcoming in this CHINA DUMPING Series, we will highlight how China diminished our pharmaceutical industry and made us reliant for life-saving medications.

Join us for a special discussion at Made in America 2021 about these issues.

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