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RadPoker, a Free No Limit Poker App, Adds Daily + Weekly Cash Prizes and an Upgraded Experience

Players Can Now Win Up to $170 a Day and Up to $675 a Week in Free Contests on RadPoker

RadPoker, a fast-paced, no limit Texas Hold’em poker app, has added substantial upgrades including daily and weekly contests with cash prizes, an enhanced user experience, and Resets. The RadPoker mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play) is free to play and the contests are free to enter.

The RadPoker Daily Cash Cup gives players daily opportunities to win up to $170 in guaranteed prizes. The Weekly Cash Cup is a flagship contest with a top prize of $500 and up to $675 in guaranteed prizes. There are no entry fees. However, players can buy Resets, which clear their current win-loss record and reset their standing in a contest.

RadPoker is a free-to-play, unique poker app that features fast-paced, heads-up matches with a 10-second shot clock. Blinds increase every 90 seconds, ensuring an average game time of just 4 minutes. A Glicko-2 rating system accurately matches players of similar skill levels, and a live leaderboard tracks performance in real time. Resets are available which clear a player’s win-loss record, enabling them to start fresh in any contest.

“We continuously improve RadPoker to give our players a superior experience, and we’re excited to announce these latest enhancements,” said Nishon Rad, CEO of RadPoker. “We love working directly with our players and implementing changes based on their feedback. We’ve made the gameplay environment more intuitive and engaging, and we added the daily and weekly contests for even more rewarding play. Some of the best poker players in the world are on RadPoker; we invite anyone who hasn’t tried it yet to check out what makes us different.”

RadPoker offers a poker experience unlike any other app. It provides a no limit Texas Hold’em platform that is mobile-optimized for super fast (4-minute average games), heads-up play. It utilizes a custom rating algorithm and live leaderboard so that players can track their performance in real time. Dedicated to customer service and the best possible player experience, the RadPoker team is committed to continuous improvement.

The app is available in Google Play and the App Store, as well as at

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