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US Meltblown Now Offers Merv 4 through Merv 13 Filter Media, Made in the USA

USMB Has Achieved Consistent and Reliable Production of This Critical Filter Media for the HVAC Industry

US Meltblown LLC, the leader in meltblown technology, now offers fully qualified American-made Merv 4 through Merv 13 filter media. This media is ideal for use by manufacturers of filters for both commercial and residential HVAC systems and is being produced at USMB’s Florida facility.

With this latest achievement, and as a result of continued strong partnerships, US Meltblown is now a one-stop shop for all filter media needs for home and office use.

This is a critical rating as the HVAC industry continues to strive to improve the quality of air delivered through air handling systems in commercial, residential, healthcare, and institutional buildings. Merv 13 has proven to be an elusive target for the filtration industry to achieve, as many companies have not been able to sustain a consistent production of Merv 13 media. 

USMB’s Merv 13 filter media is produced to tight specifications so our customers can trust that they are getting the best quality material available.

“US Meltblown is proud to have invested the time and resources into the development of a reliable and consistently manufactured Merv 13 filter media solution that our customers can count on, and we are proud to be producing it in the United States,” said US Meltblown Founder and CEO Robert Sires. “The novel coronavirus continues to mutate as we begin 2024; cases have recently spiked again and these plus cases of flu, RSV and a host of other illnesses have adversely impacted millions of holiday gatherings in the U.S. and around the world. One of the long-term solutions to protecting our communities will be to improve the filtration effectiveness of air handling systems to provide safe, clean air in offices, residences, and healthcare facilities. USMB has positioned itself to be the trusted supplier of the critical filtering media that will provide that protection. We are proud to repatriate the manufacture of filtering media back to the United States, allowing the U.S. to take charge of protecting the health of our citizens.”

US Meltblown is America’s trusted manufacturing source for critical filter material, setting the standard for this vital material used in air filtration systems and personal protective equipment such as medical grade masks. We continue to fulfill our vision to safeguard the health of people throughout the country with American-made meltblown nonwoven polypropylene and offer a full array of Merv rated filter media from Merv 4 through Merv 13. US Meltblown is proud to provide this top-quality filter media, with the critical component of meltblown made in Florida from raw materials produced in the U.S. and processed on equipment that is built in the U.S. and operated by American workers. Quality is assured through rigorous in-house testing.

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