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TRS Active Investment Profile: LRT Sports

LRT Sports helps high school student-athletes and their families navigate the college recruiting process successfully. LRT Sports helps them with Understanding College Athletics™ by offering college coach ratings + reviews, virtual workshops, JV and Varsity Memberships, and information about recruiting and wellness from head coaches, Olympians, pro athletes, and college athletes.

The website contains vital information such as NCAA rules, the recruiting process, academic guidelines, scholarships, and what college coaches are looking for. Online tools empower student-athletes to get the best possible results from their recruiting process.

Founded in 2014, LRT Sports is the leading company in college coach ratings. Its full database of coach ratings and reviews provides first-hand accounts of the experiences of current and former collegiate student-athletes, arming high school students with valuable knowledge. This enables recruits to make better educated decisions about which school and which program is the best fit, resulting in a win-win situation for both students and schools.

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