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TRS Active Investment Profile: US Meltblown

US Meltblown was founded in 2020 to meet the dire need for a U.S. source of PPE materials. It produces top quality melt blown nonwoven polypropylene for use in medical grade PPE such as gowns and masks in its Florida facility, which operates 24/7/365 to meet the huge current demand.

This critical filter medium is made from raw materials produced in the U.S. and is processed on equipment that is built in the U.S. and operated by American workers. USMB polypropylene meets criteria for use in masks rated N95+ and is static charged to provide additional protection. Quality is assured through rigorous in-house testing. It is sold by master roll or slitted (175mm or 260mm) and just one roll can be ordered.

US Meltblown is proud to be America’s trusted manufacturing source for melt blown polypropylene, setting the standard for this vital material. The company’s vision is to protect American families, healthcare workers, first responders, and workers with a product that can be relied upon to deliver the protection it promises.

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