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RadPoker Offers a Mobile-Optimized Platform for Super Fast, Heads-Up Play

Ft. Walton Beach, FL . . . TRS Capital, an early stage investment company, has made a significant investment in RadPoker, a new no limit poker app that offers a mobile-optimized platform for super fast, heads-up play.

“We invested in RadPoker because it is a leading edge company in online poker with many competitive advantages,” said Robert Sires, Founder and CEO of TRS Capital. “RadPoker has a strong reputation and has already achieved a high level of success; it is positioned to scale quickly, and we look forward to helping support rapid growth.”

“Since launching our core poker product in February, it was clear within the first 30 days that we had something really sticky. The poker industry has become stale, with average player age rising consistently over the past 10 years. RadPoker's super fast format appeals to a demographic whose attention span is getting shorter and shorter. TRS Capital’s investment and experience will allow us to speed up our monetization timeline by three times and smash our original bootstrap benchmarks,” said Nishon Rad, CEO of RadPoker. “We chose to work with TRS because relationships matter and our teams have great business synergy. Bob and the TRS team have a ton of experience in scaling companies, which is a level of expertise that fills our gaps. Plus, they understand the growth trajectory of this product and were capable of leaning in to take our entire seed round.”

RadPoker offers a poker experience unlike any other app. It provides a no limit Texas Hold’em platform that is mobile-optimized for super fast (4-minute average games), heads-up play. It utilizes a custom rating algorithm and live leaderboard so that players can track their performance in real time. Dedicated to customer service and the best possible player experience, the RadPoker team is committed to continuous improvement. The app is available in Google Play and the App Store. For more information, visit

TRS Capital, an early stage investment company dedicated to investing in American success, provides not only funding but also consulting services to help companies thrive. The TRS Capital team has more than 200 years of combined experience in business investing and consulting. For more information, visit


Robert Sires, TRS Capital

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